About European norms

Synfiber certifies our workwear in Finland. Below a brief and simple description of the standards :
    EN ISO 20471 European norm for high-visibility workwear.
    EN 471 As above - this is the previous norm with slightly lower requirements for color fastness on fabric.
    EN ISO 11612:2008 European norm for flame retardant workwear. Protects against short-term exposure to flames and minimum one type of heat.
    EN343:2003:2007 Certified garments which protects against rain. European norm for resistance and breathability.
    EN 1149-5:2008 The garment is certified in compliance with EN 1149-5, which specifies the requirements concerning product standards for anti-static garments. The garments reduce the risk of explosions due to their anti-static features.
    EN IEC 61482-1-2:2009 Work clothing tested for protection against electric arc. For personnel who work in proximity to high-voltage-conducting facilities where there is risk of arc electric explosions.
Safety shoes are certified according to på EN 20345:2011.
Below properties and symbols:
    SB Toe cap withstands min 200 J/ 15 000 N from blows and compression.
      Oil resistant sole.
    E Shock-absorbing heel, minimum 20 J.
    P Anti puncture sole, minimum 11,000 N
    A Anti-static, electrical resistance: 100k-1.000k
    ESD Static electricity accumulated in the body will be charged safe and controlled through the sole construction
    WRU   Water resistant upper, waterproof: 60 min., moisture absorption: max. 30%.
    CI Cold insulation.
      Extra resistant toe.
      Gel system in heel
      HRO    Heat-resistant sole
S1  =  SB + A + E
S1 - P  =  SB + A + E + P
S2  =  SB + A + E + WRU
S3  =  SB + A + E + WRU + P
S4  =  Rubber footwear or foot­wear made of polymer materials,
anti-static properties (A), shock-absorbing heel (E)
S5  =  As S4 plus penetration protection, (P) and profiled tread.