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Flame retardant

Do you work under conditions where you may be exposed to heat, arcs, sparks or embers , it is vital to wear protective workwear. All our clothes are made for comfort and mobility, and our antiflame- and multinorm garments are in addition sewn in protective, lightweight and soft fabrics.


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Are you looking for new trousers but are unsure of the size? Or whether you should have size 42 or 43 in shoes? Then you can check Synfiber's measurement chart! Please note that the measures are indicative only - contact us if you are unsure which size is right for you.



Winter in Norway means not only snow and cold, but also slush, rain and sudden bursts of almost Mediterranean sunshine. That's why our winter clothes are not only made to keep you warm. They are also designed in case Finnmark suddenly turns into Kristiansand, with features such as a detatchable hood and under-arm zip. Allowing you to work in the heat or the cold without having to change at the whim of the weather.